Motorized Retractable Screens

Protect your family and home from harmful UV rays and unwanted pests with US Custom Creations motorized retractable screens. Our retractable screens offer an attractive and economical way to extend your living space – all with the simple push of a button! Whether you simply want to add privacy to your outdoor deck or patio, or bring the outdoors inside so that you can enjoy a pleasant breeze, US Custom Creations will expertly install a screen system to fit your space taking into consideration your architectural and design specifications. Choose from a variety of color and screen materials to achieve your unique vision.

US Custom Creations’ motorized retractable screens are powered by Somfy®, the world’s leading manufacturer of tubular motors with more than four decades of experience in designing and manufacturing motors and controls. Somfy’s exclusive Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) platform allows you to easily adjust your screens from anywhere within a range of 65 feet. Add the Somfy myLink™ application and expand control to your smartphone or tablet.

Motorized Retractable Screen Uses

Screens for Porches, Patios and Balconies

Transform your outdoor space with the simple push of a button. Enjoy the simple pleasure of relaxing on your porch, patio or balcony without the worry of pests or prying eyes. Choose colors and materials to compliment the individual style of your home without obstructing your view like traditional screens.

Screens for Garage Doors

A garage is commonly used to house your car, for additional storage or as a workshop. Turn your garage into an extension of your home and expand your family’s leisure area. Alternately, create a healthy work area with the benefits of being indoors while enjoying clean, fresh air for those home improvement projects that require ventilation.

Screens for Year-Round Use

Expand the use of your outdoor space with a motorized screen enclosure. Motorized screens let in the gentle breeze, while keeping out annoying and harmful pests. They can protect you from that popup summer shower or chilly spring and fall winds. You may not be able to control Mother Nature, but you can better control the comfort of your environment easily with the push of a button.

Screens for Privacy

Do you sunbathe or relax in a hot tub? Do you like to read or work on a project without being the focus of attention? Motorized screens add privacy so your activities are not on display for the neighbors. Enjoy the easy flow of fresh air and peace in your new outdoor space. Simply raise your screens when you are ready to once again tackle the world.

Screens for Weather Protection

Motorized screens offer protection against unpredictable weather. Close your screens to help guard against soaking rain or to prevent winter snow from covering your outdoor area. Use them as a barrier against cold winds. You can even adjust your screens to the exact angle to prevent the hot summer sun from shining directly into your space. Sun sensors are also available for motorized screens and allow automatic adjustment. Reduce your weather worries with retractable motorized screens.

Screens for Insect Protection

Ah, a warm summer evening, a gentle breeze, calmness all around and then … the high-pitched whining of an unseen mosquito … Bugs and Insects are not only a nuisance; some carry harmful diseases. Protect your home and family with retractable motorized screens. Enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and security knowing that you are safeguarded against biting bugs and pests.

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